Fighting for a healthy year

We’re midway through 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world and its easy to forget all the other ailments that afflict us. But they haven’t gone away; they continue to strike many of us as often as they ever did.

Our attention has shifted to the destruction caused by the novel coronavirus, but it’s important to continue our battle for all-round wellness. This is even more critical because COVID-19 itself is responsible for weakening our physical, mental and emotional reserves, leaving us susceptible to other dangers.

The Republic of South Africa Department of Health conducts several campaigns a year to raise awareness about health challenges, policies and proposals, initiatives and actions at the local, regional and national level. Each month is dedicated to a few specific issues, and several commemorative days are designated for various topics.

Take a look at this year’s Health Awareness Calendar to know what’s coming up.

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